There's Da Rub

Specialty Spice Mixes

A longtime foodie, Alex was never completely satisfied with the spice mixes available commercially. Frequently, they would either overpower the meat with spice or couldn't be identified at all. So he decided to try his own hand. He concocted his first rub, ain't no miSTEAK, at a family barbecue. It drew rave reviews. Everyone gushed over the taste of the steak, how beefy it was.
‚ÄčAnd so he was off. Next came Like A Fine Swine, Somethings's A-Fowl and many more. Indeed, he is still creating.  Please check back often to see what new and delicious blends he has created for your use.

Our Spice Master Alex
"My spice mixes are made with those kindred spirits in mind who also love food, spice, and trying new things.  Give them a shot; you'll love the result."

About Us

        There's Da Rub is a small, artisan-owned business which began with a love of food, barbecue, spice and experimentation. Our spice creator, Alex, started by blending mixes for his family's own use. Soon friends and relatives started asking him to make his blends for them. Everyone gushed over how well they made the food taste. People started telling him to sell them professionally, and so There's Da Rub was born.

       One of the hallmarks of our product is the whimsical names, all created by Alex, to hint in a good natured way at the best use for the mix. He started with ain't no miSTEAK for any type of steak from rib eye to flank steak to filet mignon. It got such a good reception that he continued in that vein and now it is our trademark. So when his next blend included a fair amount of coffee and thyme, it became Thyme 4 a Cuppa. Our poultry seasoning is Something'sA-Fowl, the seafood mix is Angler's Delight, and our first foray into a blend for potatoes is What A Spud.

        Although the names point the way to the best use of the spice, all our mixes can be used in many ways. They can be rubbed on to any meat, seafood, poultry or vegetables to be grilled. In addition, they can be sprinkled on your choice of protein and vegetables, then roasted in the oven to make a delicious and nutritious one-pan meal that can be ready in under an hour.

       And our seasonings can not only be rubbed on food, they can be mixed into it as well. Our newest line, Seasoning Mix-Ins, was created specifically to be stirred into anything from meatloaf mix to rice or grains to soup. In addition, our gourmet Skinny Dip line can be stirred into sour cream or yogurt to create a savory dip. Serve it with chips, or crudites for a healthier alternative. And our Snack Attack mix is aimed at our youngest fans - this sweet and savory blend tastes terrific on pretzels, nuts and dried fruit.